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May 12

There are many safety points within the home that must be monitored and kept in the best standings to ensure your home will be secure. Some of the most common and preventable of these dangers are fire safety hazards, which can destroy your home in an alarmingly short amount of time. Don’t let this happen…

Mar 17

Commercial disaster restoration comes with a unique set of challenges since the infrastructure and damage are on a much larger scale than residential restoration projects. Addressing water, smoke, fire, and mold damage in a commercial building is similar to residential settings, though there are some important differences.   Thinking About Lost Revenue The main, and…

Feb 12

With the recent continuation of brutal winter weather across much of the U.S and Canada, it’s worth looking at how natural disasters have a global impact–far reaching and beyond the regional scope of a certain area. Most of the time, severe weather that provokes disaster conditions is contained and dealt with regionally without causing too…

Aug 29

Disasters are expensive from every standpoint. From a larger national economic point of view, financial losses from disasters are huge. Disasters totaled $56 billion during the first half of 2013, according to a report from the Homeland Security Newswire. For the global insurance industry these losses cost $20 billion, with $17 billion coming from natural…

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