Cook County Extraction &Water Damage

Flooded basements, pipe bursts, sewage backup, damaged roofing… Your home can be damaged by water in a number of different ways—fortunately, whatever the cause of the damage, our team of property restoration experts at Skyline DKI will be able to completely restore your home or business. Call us today for emergency water damage restoration services in Chicago, Milwaukee, & surrounding areas!

  • Water extraction services
  • Moisture monitoring
  • Drying and dehumidification
  • Repairs and reconstruction

Basement floods can do massive amounts of damage in a very short period of time. Both the structure of your property and any on-site valuables will be damaged by the rising waters, so it’s important to get the damage fixed as quickly as possible. In a disaster, call Skyline DKI for the fastest and best basement flood cleanup services in the area!

Our emergency response team is ready to dispatch to your property at a moment’s notice. Once they are on site, they will work quickly using the most advanced equipment to extract the standing water, thoroughly dry and dehumidify your property, and to restore the structure of your property. We will also be able to clean and restore damaged contents and take steps to prevent mold growth.

Question:  Is there anything I should do while I’m waiting for your flood cleanup crew to arrive?


Flooded areas can be dangerous, so be careful. Since the water may contain either dangerous contaminants or an electrical current, you shouldn’t enter the flooded area. If possible and safe to do so, turn off the electricity and the water to the affected part of your home.  If the water level is still rising, you may also want to move any undamaged but vulnerable valuables to higher ground.

Question:  I’m afraid that mold will start to grow because of all the water—can you do anything about that?


Yes! We will provide complete and thorough water damage cleanup services. Mold can begin to grow within hours of the water damage, so we will make sure that the area is completely dried as quickly as possible. If we do detect mold growth, we will also take steps to completely remove it.

Question:  Can you reconstruct my property after a major flood?


Yes! Skyline DKI is a full-service provider of water damage cleanup services, which means that we’ll be able to help you through every step of the recovery and restoration process. We’ll clean up the flood damage, and then we’ll reconstruct your property so it’s in great condition once more!

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