Common Questions/FAQsSmoke Damage

Question:  Will the smoke odors go away on their own?


Not necessarily. The smoke odors will only go away if the smoke residue has been removed and effective steps have been taken to neutralize the smell. In other words, that overwhelming smell may linger for a long time if you don’t take steps to get rid of it as quickly as possible.

Question:  Can I clean up the smoke damage on my own?


It may be all right to clean it up on your own, you’ll want to talk to smoke damage cleanup professionals first. Give us a call, and our trained team members will assess the situation. If the smoke damage is limited and confined to a small portion of your home, it may be all right to clean up on your own.

Question:  Will you be able to get rid of the soot residue and the discoloration on my walls?


Yes. Our complete property restoration crew will be able to completely eliminate the residues, and they will make sure the structure of your property is returned to its pre-smoke damage condition. No matter how extensive the damage, our team will make your home like it was before the fire!

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