Common Questions/FAQsFire Damage

Question:  Can your reconstruct my home after a fire?


Yes. We have a construction crew that can take care of even the largest property restoration projects. No matter how extensive the damage to your home, our crew will completely restore it so it’s like the fire never happened.

Question:  The fire didn’t do much damage, but now my whole house smells like smoke—can you do anything about it?


Yes! Our Skyline DKI fire recovery crew is equipped with advanced structural cleaning and deodorization equipment. Give us a call, and we’ll safely and effectively remove the smoke residue, and then we’ll completely eliminate the odors from your home.

Question:  My home was burnt by a fire and then flooded by the water used to put it out. Will I have to call multiple contractors to clean up all the damage?


No! We’re a single-source disaster cleanup provider, which means that we have the manpower and the equipment to take care of every problem caused by the fire. We’ll extract standing water, clean up debris, restore any damaged contents, and reconstruct your property. Skyline DKI is here for you!

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