Skyline DKI Emergency Response Planning

In an emergency, you want the best and most trusted disaster cleanup professionals on your side. Our Emergency Response Planning, or ERP,  is just one more reason you can trust the experts at Skyline DKI to fully recover your business after a disaster.

The Emergency Response Plan ensures that businesses receive a fast response in the event of a disaster that affects a wide area. Because major disasters can result in hundreds of calls for our services in a short period, the waiting list for recovery can become very long if you wait even a few hours to call. As a member of the ERP, however, you will be moved to the top of the waiting list the moment we get your call, and our next available recovery team will dispatch to your business.

We value our business customers, and we understand the importance of getting your property fully recovered as quickly as possible. As a member of our program, you simply have to call us any time after a disaster and we’ll move you to the top of our waiting list. No matter how many others have called before you, you’ll be given highest priority.

Because we collect all necessary paperwork when your membership is approved, we will already have a customized recovery plan for your business and we will be able to start the restoration process as soon as we arrive on site after your call.

By becoming a member of the program, you can be ensured the peace of mind of knowing that your business will be taken care of quickly and professionally in the event of a disaster. Our fast response services will ensure minimal damage, reduce recovery time and costs, and make sure that you’re fully operating again in no time.

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