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Summer Storm Prep for Dummies

summer storm prep

Summer thunderstorms are a quintessential part of the season. Preparation for high winds and rains involves ongoing planning and preparation around the house. Depending on where you reside, summer storm preparation may mean planning for tornadoes, hurricanes, or seasonal flooding. Understanding the regional risks associated with severe summer weather is the first and most important part of preparation. Different environmental risks require different responses and degrees of preparation. There are, however, still some general steps to take to prepare for potentially destructive summer weather.

Prepare Emergency Kit

One of the best ways in which you can prepare for a summer storm is to prepare an emergency evacuation kit. These kits should contain all necessary survival items you may need in the event of an evacuation from a storm or to help sustain you in the aftermath of a storm. Things like food and water, first aid kits, flashlights, blankets, extra clothing, medication, batteries, and communication devices are all good items to include in the disaster kit. Keep a 72 hour emergency kit at home and consider keeping another smaller kit in your vehicle.

Secure Items Outdoors

In anticipation of a storm, take the time to secure items outdoors such as patio furniture, toys, equipment, and any other loose objects that could be damage by wind and rain. During severe winds these items can become projectiles and cause damage to the exterior of your home. Remove, secure, or relocate certain vulnerable items outside your home. This will help ensure that the items are safeguarded and the risk of damage is reduced. Consider trimming tree branches and picking up yard debris that could become airborne and cause damages as well.

Protect the Inside of the Home

Protecting the interior of your home comes down to doing a couple important things. You should take measures to protect exterior windows from damage by preparing boards to cover the windows in the event of a windstorm. For hurricane prone regions, this is often intuitive and many people opt for permanent attachments around the windows to quickly hang protective boards in anticipation of a storm. You should also take precautions against electrical surges caused by summer lightning storms by installing high voltage surge protectors on appliances and important home electronic devices. Lightning storms are common in many regions during the summer and can cause significant damage to electronic devices, appliances, and home electrical systems.

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