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Apocalypse Life Hacks

Apocalypse Life Hacks

Many have been fearing and preparing for the apocalypse for some time now, whether with serious intent or just for the fun of it. It doesn’t matter if you think the end is near or not, there are a few easy things you can begin to prepare should this disaster happen in the future. Start planning today to ensure you can be prepared for any event such as this.


In an apocalyptic world, destruction will be everywhere. Dangerous fires will have the chance to rage through neighborhoods, businesses, and forest lands, taking apart everything in sight. Don’t give up in these situations, there are ways that you can escape a potentially deadly fire. If you are in a home or other building, listen for the fire alarm to ring. As soon as you hear it, or see any indication of smoke, start your escape immediately. Before exiting a room, feel a door with the back of your hand. This will be a more accurate determination than using the palm of your hand. If the door feels cool to the touch, open it with caution with your back to the door. From here you should crawl to the nearest exit, always being aware of any changes in heat.

Wildfires are a bit more tricky to escape from. In most cases it is not the fire itself that will do the damage, but the extreme heat that precedes it entering the lungs and doing damage here. If you are out in an area that has a high potential of wildfires, be aware of this beforehand. Start mapping out in your mind a few different routes of escape should a wildfire occur. In an apocalyptic situation, it is likely you will have nobody but yourself to rely on. Instead you must look for the warning signs such as the smell of smoke, a red glow near the horizon at night, or animals moving quickly in the opposite direction. Fire travels much faster when moving uphill so try to get down as fast as you can, as well as in the opposite direction of the wind. Try to find a lake or other area of water and tread in the middle, as you will never be able to outrun a forest fire. this will give you some protection from the heat.


When the apocalypse comes, flooding may be even more common than it is now. With global warming, extreme storms, and raging rivers, it is best to learn the basics of surviving a flood situation. As with anything, starting out with a plan is crucial. Know where you could go should a flood occur, and don’t wait till the last minute to evacuate the area. Even the difference of a few minutes could be a difference between life and death. denmark Put together the supplies you may need such as first aid kit, flashlights, extra batteries, protective clothing, and sufficient water.

Flood waters have the potential to move alarmingly fast, don’t just dive in haphazardously. If possible drive away, if not search for higher ground immediately. The faster you get to higher levels, the safer you will be.

Other Tips

These disasters have the potential to happen, along with others. Follow these extra tips to best protect you and your family from harm in these situations:

  • It is possible for a bacterial or viral infection to travel the world in the space of a couple of days. Know what you should do in the face of a quarantine.
  • During the apocalypse, it is likely that paper money won’t actually matter. More concrete things such as gold, food, and tools will be more valuable.
  • If you have the opportunity, learn essential skills like farming, hunting, first aid, natural medicine, and mechanics. Many of these will be more useful than goods in these end of the world situations.
  • Build on your food storage supplies to better protect yourself in an emergency situation.
  • Your car may be one of your best resources in these situations. Make sure it has sufficient gas at all times and that it is filled with things such as water, food, clothing, jumper cables, and repair kits for emergencies. Use this to escape danger.

Even if you don’t think the apocalypse is near, it is best to prepare like it is. Gaining the knowledge you need and making small changes will be the most beneficial in survival. Be prepared for the worst through these methods.

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