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Emergency Response

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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Jun 25

Protecting your home from electrical damage during a lightning storm is important in preventing damages to electrical systems, appliances, and electrical devices. This type of preparation can ultimately save you money by helping to mitigate the risk of damages associated with electrical storms. Taking preventative measures to prepare and protect your home from potential damage…

Jun 10

Summer thunderstorms are a quintessential part of the season. Preparation for high winds and rains involves ongoing planning and preparation around the house. Depending on where you reside, summer storm preparation may mean planning for tornadoes, hurricanes, or seasonal flooding. Understanding the regional risks associated with severe summer weather is the first and most important…

Jun 3

Many have been fearing and preparing for the apocalypse for some time now, whether with serious intent or just for the fun of it. It doesn’t matter if you think the end is near or not, there are a few easy things you can begin to prepare should this disaster happen in the future. Start…

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