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Common Fire Hazards in Your Home

firehazardsThere are many safety points within the home that must be monitored and kept in the best standings to ensure your home will be secure. Some of the most common and preventable of these dangers are fire safety hazards, which can destroy your home in an alarmingly short amount of time. Don’t let this happen to you, take every step necessary to protect your home in case of emergency. Be aware of the potential fire hazards in your home, and the best way to avoid accidents in these situations.



Just because it is hidden behind the walls doesn’t mean that the wiring isn’t a huge concern when it comes to fire safety. It is estimated that electrical fires in the home account for over 50,000 house fires a year. This equates to over a billion dollars in damage. Be cautious with the wiring in your home. First, ensure it is done by a professional. After this is completed be careful not to disrupt the wiring in any way. Driving screws into the wall where a wire is hiding could damage it, causing sparks to fly. Make sure to replace older circuit breakers in your home with arc-fault circuit interrupters. This will help protect your home from this safety hazard.


The Kitchen

Your kitchen is the most dangerous room in the house in terms of fire safety. Half the appliances here may cause a fire in some way. It is critical to reduce the clutter in this room, especially right around the stove. This is even more important for those who have gas powered appliances. Keep oven mitts, recipe cards, and paper towels out of danger’s reach. If you are cooking, always stay close, being prepared to douse a fire if necessary.


The Dryer

The dryer of your home accumulates lint after each cycle. While you can remove a good portion from the lint tray, this still leaves a good amount of material nested inside the dryer itself. With the heat that builds up when the dryer is in use, enough of this lint has the potential to catch on fire, causing a major fire. You can hire a professional to come clean the lint from the inside of your dryer every two years to minimize the risks present here.



The outlets of your home have the potential to be dangerous, especially those that are loose. The blades present inside the outlet will loosen over time. You will notice this when plugging in if the cord easily falls out. The process may generate heat, leading to fires. Make sure every electrical outlet in your home is functioning properly to avoid this fire hazard.

While there are many fire hazards present in the house, there are steps you can take to reduce the risk. Don’t let your home be damaged by these preventable instances. By making these changes, you will have peace of mind in the safety of your home.


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