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Emergency Response

Emergency Response

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The Benefits of the Emergency Priority Program

Emergency situations demand immediate responses. For businesses this fast response can be the difference between sustained operations and revenue recovery and a substantial drop in business and hindered operations. Because of this, the Skyline Emergency Priority Program is extremely beneficial. This program works to ensure that businesses make a fast recovery following a disaster by prioritizing calls from businesses on the Emergency Priority Program. After a disaster affecting a large area the wait list for recovery can be long after just a few hours. In this span of time, your business can be adversely affected by loss of revenue and a halt in operations. With the Emergency Priority Program this doesn’t have to be the case.


Priority Recovery

The major benefit of membership in the Emergency Priority Program is getting placed at the top of the waiting list the moment you call. Widespread disasters can result in hundreds of calls being placed to emergency response services. By enrolling in the Emergency Priority Program, you don’t have to worry about waiting for recovery since you are immediately placed at the top of the list when you call. Following this, the next available recovery team will be dispatched to your business. For businesses of any size concerned about making the fastest recovery possible, this plan is a great way to ensure a quick, professional emergency response.


Customized Restoration Plans

As a member of the Emergency Priority Program, all of your business’ paperwork is completed and on file so when you call, the restoration process begins immediately. The entire process is expedited and made more efficient when your business is enrolled in the Emergency Priority Program. In addition to a customized recovery plan, this faster response will help ensure less damage and reduced recovery time and cost for your business. After a disaster, having this additional assurance that your business will be assisted by a professional disaster recovery service is invaluable.


This program can be seen as part of a larger disaster preparation initiative for your business. Emergency planning must be ongoing and comprehensive for businesses of any size. Proper insurance coverage, coordination and planning with suppliers and distributors, and employee training are all part of the planning process. There’s no better way to ensure that your business is protected following a disaster than working directly with Skyline Restoration through our Emergency Priority Program.


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