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Preparing Your Home for Summer Heat

As spring is in full force, it may seem too early to start thinking about the heat and humidity of summer, but within a month and a half the heat could become sweltering. Starting to think about dealing with the heat of summer is a good idea as the weather gradually becomes warmer and warmer. Gettting your air conditioner ready for the heat of summer and preparing your home for hot temperatures are good things to do in advance of the seasonal transition. Just like you wouldn’t wait until snow starts falling to check your home’s furnace and insulation, you shouldn’t wait until the outdoor temperatures break 90 degrees to get your home ready for summer heat. Here are a few helpful tips.


Have Your A/C Serviced

Spring is the perfect time to check your air conditioner out. Make sure that all components are in working order and that the unit is cooling properly. A good idea is to clean it off and turn it on–running it for a few minutes and listening to it carefully. This should tell you if there is anything noticably wrong with the unit. Depending on the age and condition of the air conditioner, you may not have to do anything, but if you notice any problems, get it serviced soon. Common problems include worn out compressors and blowers or problems with ductwork–responsible for pumping the cool air into the house. If your air conditioner is not cooling every room, this may be the culprit. If your air conditioner seems to need specific service,call an HVAC specialist. If you’re unsure, have it inspected anyway.


Check Insulation and Seal Openings

Just like winter weather preparation, ensuring your home is well insulated is important during the hot months as well. Make sure your home’s insulation is good and that all windows and doors are properly weatherstripped and sealed to retain cool when you run air condioners and fans. Taking steps to make sure that your home is energy efficient will keep you more comfortable during the hot weather and will help save on monthly energy costs. A lot of air is lost through the windows and doors, so make sure these are closed and sealed when you run the air conditioner. If you have the budget and time, consider upgrading any single pane windows to higher quality double paned glass to further help energy efficiency.

Staying cool and comfortable during the summer heat comes down to maintaining appliances and taking steps to make your home more energy efficient. As spring transitions into hot summer temperatures, you’ll be glad you made early preparations for summer weather. Much like planning for a disaster or virtually anything else, starting early and preparing in advance is the most sustainable and responsible way to avoid preventable problems.

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