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Emergency Response

Emergency Response

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Chicago Local Disaster Resources

Planning for a disaster requires understanding the local emergency resources that are available. Additionally, thorough preparation involves risk assessment and ongoing review of best responses for emergency situations. Overall, reviewing tips on creating an emergency kit, securing your home, and reviewing emergency shelter and local community recovery resources are necessary for a more comprehensive disaster planning. Here are some resources for the Chicago area to help in preparation.


Chicago Cares



This site has information on disaster preparation and community volunteering opportunities. Increasing awareness about disasters and working to mobilize community involvement in disaster planning and recovery is the primary focus of this organization.


Red Cross of Chicago


The American Red Cross of Chicago features information on disaster recovery resources, community planning, and local news and events. Find shelter information and tips for preparing for a disaster here.


The City of Chicago



The official site of the city of Chicago has resources on municipal emergency management, latest news, and comprehensive emergency preparedness initiatives citywide. Additionally, the site features links to a variety of other important state and federal disaster preparation and recovery resources.





Disaster risks, planning tips, news and updates, and comprehensive before, during, and after information is covered here. This official state site it a one stop resource for everything related to natural and man-made disasters and the planning and recovery process.





FEMA offers a lot of good information on disaster response and preparation initiatives. For general information on individual and business planning and the latest regional emergency alerts, this is a great resource.


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