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Unique Challenges in Commercial Disaster Restoration

Commercial disaster restoration comes with a unique set of challenges since the infrastructure and damage are on a much larger scale than residential restoration projects. Addressing water, smoke, fire, and mold damage in a commercial building is similar to residential settings, though there are some important differences.


Thinking About Lost Revenue

The main, and most obvious, difference is that commercial restoration can result in significant losses in revenue while operations are down and the business is closed. Residential restoration has it’s own set of unique priorities–namely getting people back in their home and getting the home back to safe, healthy conditions. In this regard, the two varieties of restoration must confront unique variables and obstacles to achieve the same end result.


Comprehensive Planning

Commercial disaster restoration often requires a larger crew, more time spent assessing the space, and formulating a recovery timeline for the business to resume operational functionality. Since a business’ revenue and that of the employees resides on getting things back to normal, commercial restoration often contains a larger urgency than some residential projects. This, of course, depends on the circumstances of the disaster and the prevalence of the damage.

Restoration in a commercial setting is sometimes a long term engagement–especially when one considers the time, resources, and manpower involved in a restoring a large commercial highrise, for example, after an earthquake or severe storm. who is Between the planning, cleanup, and reconstruction, the complete restoration process could take nearly as long as some new construction projects. In terms of sheer resources, therefore, commercial restoration is a unique challenge that involves elements and levels of organization that don’t always apply to residential restoration projects.

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