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Is Spring In Sight?

Well as March comes to a close, things are slightly different around the Chicago area. Today, we are seeing beautiful sunny skies reaching nearly 60 degrees, compared to our chilly weather as of lately. abuse contacts . Just because it is warming up today, does not mean we are out of winter’s wrath yet!

Since the beginning of February, 75 percent of days have been BELOW normal temperatures, and March has been the coldest month since January.  After this weeks cold front rolls in at the beginning part of the week, we should expect to see much warmer temperatures that could put us close to 10 degrees above average right now! Now, can you say “Hello spring?!”

Even though we are being hopeful that spring is on its way, we are all well aware of the weather Chicago and the surrounding area has.  Freak storms can definitely take their toll on our roads, homes, and daily lives.  If you are living in the Chicago area and a storm has required cleanup or reconstruction on your home or office, give us a call.

By Talia DiFulvio

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